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·Hall of Tea History
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         About Tea Museum
The China Tea Museum located in Shuangfeng,Longjing Road,Hangzhou,Zhejiang province. It occupies 3.7 hectares and 8,000 square meters construction area.It is a national-rank museum. The special subjects of it are about tea and its culture.It was opened to public in April, 1991.
The museum is clustered around the tea plantations. The function buildings are que disorder. In side the museum, the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds and water-side pavilions are well integrated. So they make it as the park in the south of the Changjiang River where has the clean atmosphere and can feel the closeness to nature.
China National Tea Museum, with the tea taste and fragrance, makes friends all over world.
   Other Items
·Education & Popularization
·Development Talents
·Academic Research
·Tea Drinking & Catering
        Tea Ceremony
Through years of research, China National Tea Museum has created a dozen of tea ceremonies such as Zen tea, West Lake tea ceremony, literati`s tea, grind tea, farmer`s tea, etc. They are not only performed in the museum, but also in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and in other countries including Japan, Vietnam, Australia and Germany. In addition, the ceremonies are played in a lot of Chinese and overseas TV programs
·West Lake Tea Ceremony    ·Zen Tea Ceremony
·Grind Tea Ceremony        ·Oolong Tea Ceremony
·Literati`s Tea Ceremony
Generalize Export of Tea Exhibition
·Historical Culture
·Tea Set and Apparatus
·Tea Art and Custom
·Tea and Health
·China National Tea Museum
·Exhibition Requirement
Reception Services

As one of the first key foreign affair
organizations, China National Tea Museum
has Honored Guests Reception Hall in
different size, where rich types of teas
and performances can be provided.
Foreign reception and business intercourse
can be held here. There is a conference
hall with 240 seats, which is equipped
with simultaneous interpretation system
that can interpret five languages at the
same time.

·Honored Guests Reception Hall
·Academic Exchange Hall

  Opening Daily: 8:30am16:30pm
  (The exhibition is closed on Mondays
   holidays excepted)

  Address: 88#,Longjing Road, Hangzhou,
   Zhejiang, China

  Reception Contact:++86 571 87964221
  Business Contact:++ 86 571 87979221
  Catering Service:++86 571 87964546
  Fax:++86 571 87982096
  Postal Code:310013
  Bus:K27, Tourist 3 to Shuangfeng
   Bus Station


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